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MAL- VW was established a little over 20 years ago. Our journey began with bespoke custom modification of vehicles, including fitting out and equipping of emergency Doctor’s vehicles for our local ‘out of hours’ County Doctors service.

We started to receive enquiries for fitting windows and seating systems, along with other more technical alterations. This led to greater involvement with commercial vehicles. Using our considerable skills and high quality of our work, it was decided very early on to concentrate on designing and converting vans into Motor Caravans.

It must be in the genes because my father was involved in the industry for many years during the seventies and eighties and drove and used VW motor caravans himself.

We use the VW Transporter van as the basis for all our conversions. These vans have a long heritage and in our opinion are the best base vehicle for van camper conversions. As well as specialist Transporter conversions we provide servicing and specialist mechanical and electrical work.

From the outset we were determined to provide the very best in design solutions. Our conversions are created with functionality in mind. We produce stylish conversions that are easy to use, work well and built to last.

Our high standard of work requires the best and most highly skilled workforce. We have built a specialized team made up of cabinet makers, vehicle electricians and mechanical technicians. Their expertise and knowledge enable us to create Transporters tailored to each customers needs.

MAL- VW is a ‘one stop shop’ with the convenience of being able purchase both your Transporter and conversion in one location. We want to care for your Transporter for life. We excel in Transporter maintenance and are uniquely qualified to keep your vehicle in optimum condition, thereby keeping your investment strong. We stock clean, low mileage used VW T6 Kombi vans with 5 or 6 seats as well as new VW T6 vans and Kombis. Alternatively, bring us your own current Transporter for conversion.

Since 2013 we have been acting as licensed brokers arranging leasing of new Transporter’s with Volkswagen finance. In 2017 we made formal ties with Mann island Finance to secure extremely competitive rates on long term finance for new and used campervans.

We have moved on a great deal from our beginnings in 1998 but our core beliefs remain: being customer focussed, innovative and working to the highest standards of craftsmanship.